Chicago Roofing Contractors Association Trade Show

Chicago Roofing Contractors Trade Show


Ed Langan, our lead sales manager, will attend the Chicago Roofing Contractors Association Trade show and Seminars.
Ed has 35+ years in the lead fabrication business.

The purpose of our visit to the trade show is to discuss what interest the contractors may have in Lead Flashings (roof vent boots) for their challenging weather environment.
Lead is very durable in all types of weather, where some rubber based roof vent boots may not last nearly as long or retain their flexibility in extreme cold.
Lead will not be affected the same way.

We are introducing our new capabilities to make 5” flashings with seamless pipes. We expanded our extrusion capabilities in 2023 to prepare for expanding our Chicago area roofing sales.

We look forward to learning what we can about the Roofing Contractors’ challenges regarding roof vent boots (lead flashing)..

If our products can help, perhaps there is a larger market for our products in the Chicago area.