Custom Lead Elevator Weights

Custom Elevator Weights

Pure Lead Products has cast custom elevator weight for years. Our lead elevators counterweights are used to help offset the weight of elevator cars in any sort of multi-story building. With the right counterweights the elevator motor does not have to work as hard. Cast lead elevator counterweights can be fabricated to fit the exacted specifications required for an elevator systems.

Pure Lead can quickly pour lead for these types of applications to any shape required and to any weight from 100’s of lbs to 1,000’s of lbs. Attachment can be installed per specification within the lead casting.

In addition the castings can be further modified in our machine shop.

Example Shipment

Packaged Elevator Weights
Elevator weights in crate ready for shipment .
We shipped 80 pcs at 100lbs each – 8,000#

Elevator weights ready to ship Elevators weights Packed for shipment