Lead Products For the Marine Industry

Pure Lead Products is the GO-TO-Source for Lead Products for the Marine Industry.   Marine Ballast available in pigs, ingot, brick plate, extrusion and shot for ballast and keels. Can be powder coated, painted and machined. From orders in hundreds … Read More

Ballast and counter weights

For centuries the issue of ballast or counter weights have been needed to make ships sail, Basscule bridges operate, cranes stay on the ground with a heavy load attached, and simply holding curtains down as they hung from the ceiling. … Read More

Lead Roof Flashings versus the other options

  Lead pipe boot flashings for toilet vent stacks have been in existence for 80+ years. In most cases they outlast the roofing materials that cover the roof. The malable nature of lead makes it the ideal product for this … Read More

Coated lead a value added option for ballast

Coated lead has become the norm for the Navy and the Coast Guard. This eliminates the lead dust situation in a closed in environment of a ship or sub. This process has been being performed by the big ship and … Read More