For over 70 years we have been a leading supplier of custom lead castings to the marine, construction, industrial, military,racing, bridge building and other industries, supplying different options for lead castings, weights and ballast.

Custom Lead Castings

Specialty Lead Castings
Special Shape Brick


Cast products include: Lead Brick, Lead Ingots, bridge counterweights, anodes, custom weights, custom radiation shielding:

All can be cast to specifications. We cast custom products from just ounces to thousands of pounds.

10,500 lead base assembly for a nuclear cask10,500 lead base assembly for a
nuclear cask, radiation containment vessel


We can also custom machine your lead products when applicable.
Ask us also about special coating options. These coating make handling lead castings much easier.

Today’s world calls for smart answers to difficult weight problems.
Our ballast lead can help with some of those weight & counterweight issues.
Our ability to precision cast lead products allows us to meet specifications for size, shape & for weight.
Beyond casting we can custom machine weights for specific applications

Short Run or production run cast lead parts.

Pure Lead can produce any size lead casting from massive bridge weights to small intricate parts and we have.

Lead cast around the brass & machined
Lead cast around brass & machined
Cast Lead Brick
Standard Cast Brick
small casting furniture
Precise Casting


Cast Lead products rings cast & machined
Rings are cast, then machined


Custom Cast Lead part this is a round Disc
Custom Cast Lead Disc


Call us for your custom lead parts.
We ship by the truckload, LTL and ship via UPS for smaller orders.