Pure Lead Products can fabricate custom lead weights and counterweights for any application. Weights can be produced by casting, extrusion and or machining, giving us great flexibility in producing your weights. Weights and counterweights can be made from just “ounces” to “Thousands of pounds”. We are ready to make weights & counterweights specific to your application.

Some Applications for our custom weights and counterweights

  • Aerospace Weights/counterweights
  • Custom Window Weights
  • Overhead Door Weights
  • Entry Gate Weights
  • Deep Drop Fishing Weights
  • Palletizer Counterweights
  • Any Custom Weight Application

We also have standard lead products suitable for many applications . BrickIngotsPig LeadShot

ADDITIONAL APPLICAIONS from small custom weights, industrial weights, forklift counterweights, marine ballast, large bridge projects and military.
Some project call for just using standard “Pig Lead”, other like below may be precision cast to specification.

Also call us for “Pour and Fill Service” to add lead to your products.

Call our experts for your next project.

window weights
Custom window weights
Military Castings
Cast Lead Weight- Military Application
Fishing Weight
10lb & 12lb Fishing Weights
Small Lead Weights Fabricated From Extrusions
Small Lead Weights Fabricated From Extrusions
custom stackable window weight
Custom Cast Stackable Window Weights

CNC custom machined counterweight
CNC custom machined counterweight


Gate Weight
Custom Gate Arm Weights For A Gated Community
round machined counterweight
round machined counterweight

Lead Filled Palletizer Counterweight


palletizer counterweight
palletizer counterweight


Balancing and Calibration: Lead is used to balance and calibrate machinery and equipment. For example, they may be used in dynamic balancing applications for rotating parts like turbine blades, flywheels, or crankshafts to ensure smooth and vibration-free operation.

Testing and Load Simulation: In industries such as aerospace and automotive manufacturing, weights are used to simulate the weight or load that a component or structure will experience in real-world conditions. This is crucial for testing the durability and performance of products.

Vibration Damping: Lead weights can be incorporated into machines and structures to dampen vibrations and reduce noise. They are often used in precision instruments and sensitive equipment where vibrations can affect accuracy.

Radiation Shielding: In nuclear and medical facilities, lead weights are employed as part of radiation shielding systems. Lead’s high density and ability to absorb ionizing radiation make it an excellent choice for protecting workers and the environment from radiation exposure.

Construction and Building: In construction and building applications, lead weights can be used to stabilize scaffolding and temporary structures. They help prevent these structures from tipping over due to wind or other environmental factors.

Material Testing: In materials testing laboratories, lead weights may be used to apply controlled loads to materials for mechanical testing, such as tensile, compression, or fatigue testing.

Shipping and Transport: In shipping and transportation, lead weights can be used as ballast to stabilize ships, aircraft, and other vehicles. They help maintain proper weight distribution and balance.

Counterweights: Industrial lead weights are used as counterweights in various equipment, such as elevators, cranes, and conveyor systems, to ensure safe and efficient operation. For example, elevator counterweights balance the weight of the elevator car and passengers.

Ballast: Lead is used in the Marine industry to balance boats and reduce rolling.

Nuclear and Particle Research: In scientific research, lead weights may be used in particle accelerators and experimental setups to control particle trajectories and perform precise measurements.