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Other Lead Fabrications and Services

Please contact us for all your lead fabrications. Not everything we do is shown in detail on this website – YET!
Call us with your custom lead fabrication.

Pure Lead Products

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Lead Products Produced

Radiation ShieldingCustom Machined PartsPowder Coated Lead Parts
Sheet LeadCustom CastingsPowder Coated Lead Brick
Sheet Lead RollsLead ExtrusionsPainted Lead Parts
Flat Sheet LeadLead WeightsLead Solder
Lead BrickLead CounterweightsCaulking Lead
Rectangular Lead BrickBridge CounterweightsLead Shot
Interlocking Lead BrickCustom Window WeightsAerospace Lead Parts
Lead Lined DrywallEntry Gate WeightsLead Plate
Lead Lined PlywoodPig LeadNuclear Casks
Marine BallastLead IngotsLead Keels
Roof FlashingsElevator WeightsLead Bar
Roofing LeadLead DiscsAcoustical Lead
Flashing CapsStrip LeadPackaging