International Boat Show 2021, New Orleans

Live at the International Boat Show

Live at the International Boat Show

Pure Lead Products is a leading supplier of Lead Ballast for Recreational Boats, Yachts, Barges and other large vessels in Florida, the Gulf Coast, Eastern seaboard and Nationwide.
Of course we are showing our stuff at the Boat Show. We want to meet andf be seen by our customers, where they research new designsnew vendors.
Come by our booth and meet Ed and Paul.


Live at the Florida Roofing & Sheet Metal Show

See Us Live at the Florida Roofing & Sheet Metal Show

Ed & Troy in Pure Lead Products booth at FRSA

Troy Ragan and Ed Langan in our booth at the FRSA Show

Look for Ed Langan & Troy Ragan at Booth 509
Today Thursday July 22nd & Friday July 23rd

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Pure Lead Products “Since 1935”

Large Vessel Ballast Project

Challenging marine ballast project for a large vessel

Recently Pure Lead Products won a quote to 4,000 epoxy coated ballast bricks for the USNS Invincible, a large ocean going vessel. The job for Pure Lead involved precision cast bricks, sealing them with the epoxy coating and then packaging and shipping. The challenge for the shipyard was moving, stacking and immobilizing the ballast in specifically prepared compartments.

The project was a success and the slide show shows some of the steps from the shipyards perspective.

  • USNS Invincible Lead Ballast Project

I just wanted to reach out to you all and say that we recently finished loading all of our lead ingots on board the USNS Invincible. We go back into the water in a few days and then back to sea after a quick stability test. We hit some rough stretch of road with the project but persevered nonetheless. Thank you so much for the great partnership during this project!


Lead Roofing Dome

Extraordinary Domed Home with 100 year lead roof.

Lead Roofed Dome Home

A extraordinary lead roof job in Michigan. Fenner Builders used 6# lead rolls to make this amazing 100 plus year roof in the woods of Michigan. Old word artesian lead work much like they still do commonly in Europe. Pure Lead Products was so satisfied to see the final product and are glad to be associated with Fenner Builders and this amazing roof job.

2019 Mason G. Smoak Foundation 5K

Pure Lead Products employees participated in the
Mason G. Smoak Foundation 5K Run

Pure Lead Products wants to thank our runners in the Mason G. Smoak
Foundation 5K on Saturday 10/26/19 in Lake Placid, Florida. Also a big thank
you to the Mason G. Smoak Foundation for all the great work they do for our

Mason G. Smoak 5K Run

Our team after the run

runners & background of event

Tight group shot with the background of the celebration behind them.

Star Wars Rival Run Weekend

Running in the Star Wars Rival Run Weekend

Star Wars Rival Run Half Marathon Highlights:

  • 13.1-mile course through Walt Disney World Resort
  • Star Wars Characters from both sides of the Force
  • Epic moments and intergalactic surprises
  • Family Reunion Area with entertainment
  • Complimentary transportation from the Event Host Resorts

Star Wars Rival Run 5K

  • Use the Force to Conquer this 3.1-Mile Course!
  • Friday, April 5, 2019 Start Time: 5:30 AM
  • Start/Finish: Epcot Parking Lot
  • Have a blast with the whole family on a 3.1-mile fun run! Pose for photos with some of your favorite Star Wars rivals and earn the most impressive medals in the galaxy!

Star Wars Rival Run 10K

  • Have a Blast on a 6.2-Mile Race through the Galaxy!
  • Saturday, April 6, 2019
  • Start Time: 5:30 AM
  • Start: Magic Kingdom Parking Lot
  • Finish: Epcot Parking Lot
  • Run a 6.2-mile course through Disney theme parks while you encounter Star Wars Characters from the light side and the dark. Take a photo with a droid from a distant galaxy for some interplanetary fun. Best of all, you’ll earn a collectible Star Wars Rival Run 10K Medal!

All around runner Bill Weston, Production QA QC Manager… Ran them all!

Bill Disney at the Star Wars Run

Bill Disney at the Star Wars Run


Coolest Lead Company Tee Shirt

Pure Lead Products may not be the largest lead products manufacturer in the world, right now.
But, we may have the coolest (or at least cleverest) tee shirt.

Request one one with your next lead products purchase from us.

Pure Lead Products, Your Heavy Metal Band


Boat sales continue to rise

powder coated lead bricks

Powder Coated Lead Bricks

Lead products for the Marine Industry

In a recent article put out by the National Marine Manufacturers Association it states that boat building continues to increase.

This is good news for the lead ballast business, as Pure Lead Products provides many boat manufacturers with different forms of lead, such as shot, bricks, pig lead, ingot lead and all of these products other than shot have the ability to be coated.

Pure Lead recently installed a state of the art powder coating room and of course we have been spraying and painting lead for years with two part epoxy and other paints.

Coating lead has taken the health issue off the table in regards to your employees handling raw lead.

Call us today 205-908-2965 for all your lead ballast needs

Annual Mason G. Smoak Foundation 5K Run, Lake Placid Fl.

10-20-18 5K Run
“Hats off to the employees who represented Pure Lead Products in the Annual Mason G Smoak Foundation 5K Run in Lake Placid last Saturday, October 18th, 2018.”


Lead Products For the Marine Industry

Purelead Products is the GO-TO-Source for Lead Products for the Marine Industry.

Lead products for the Marine IndustryMarine Ballast available in pigs, ingot, brick plate, extrusion and shot for ballast and keels.

Can be powder coated, painted and machined.

From orders in hundreds of pounds to hundreds of thousands of pounds.
Pure Lead Products is THE LEAD SOURCE.

Call us today for a quote.