Lead Lined Plywood for Radiation Shielding

Pure Lead Products’ lead lined plywood is laminated with our own sheet lead for purposes of radiation shielding.
It can be used in new construction or retrofitting existing facilities which will be used for medical imaging or research using x-ray or P.E.T. scanning.

Lead Lined Plywood

Generally the thickness of the lead will be greater than that used on our lead-lined drywall.
Lead lined plywood can handle lead sheets up ½” thick, with drywall limited to 1/8” lead. So plywood can be used for heavier radiation applications than our drywall.

Plywood will be 5/8” or 3/4 “ thick and 48” wide and up to 96” long. The lead sheet will also be 48” wide continuous.

Lead strips and lead discs are available to join plywood pieces and to cover any voids from penetrations.

Consideration must be given to the considerable weight of the plywood panels with our sheet lead, which can exceed 500 LBS.
Our recommendation is to have us cut your plywood into 16 inch panels, which should be easier to handle and fit on framed 16 inch centers in standard office constructions.


Plywood Submittal