Bagged Lead Shot is a great form of bulk lead.

25 LB Bag of Lead Shot
25 LB Bag of Lead Shot


Our shot is not designed for reloading.
Most of Pure Lead Products lead shot is used for counterweight and ballast purposes.

The bagged shot is easy to handle and can be placed precisely where needed to offset weight in another area.
For boat ballast it is very flexible. It can be used to compliment ballast that could be in rigid lead bricks.
Shot can be moved easily if the interior of the ship/boat is modified, for example a new appliance is installed in your cabin.
That can upset the balance of the boat. A bag of shot would be a nice way to balance it out.

Marine vessel owners like bagged shot for ballast, because it is easy to move and fine tune the weight needed by removing some of the shot pellets.

Our shot is sold in standard 25 LB. bags.

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