Custom Fabricated Lead Parts

Pure Lead is a leader in the fabrication of custom lead parts. We machine precision components used in nuclear shielding as well as fabricated parts for weights and counterweights. We are able to turn your specifications quickly into finished products.

Parts are cast or are produced in our CNC machining center. Whether small components (ounces) or parts that weigh thousands of lbs.

We are a turnkey service. We pour own own lead and can combine processes to efficiently produce your components. Delivery can be handled via UPS, common carrier or our own trucks. Our sales engineers can quote simple or complex parts, quickly and competitively.

Our process include:

CNC Machined Lead Components

Precision Machined Lead Components
Precision Machined Lead Components

Precision Lead Castings

small furniture parts
Custom Castings- Ounces to 1,000’s of pounds



Custom Extruded Parts
Custom Extruded Parts