Lead counterweights for Cantilever Bridges
Bridge counterweights for cantilever Bridges

Bridge counterweights are frequently made using custom cast lead.

Pure Lead Products can custom cast bridge lead counterweights to any specification.
Lead, of course, is the most efficient material for large counterweights with its high density.


Considerations for Bridge Weights:
What are the dimensions ?
What weight is necessity to counterbalance the span ?
How will you handle the large weight ?
Would you prefer coated lead weight ?

Custom Cast Bridge Counterweights

  • Pure Lead can supply bridge weights for new and retrofit projects just about anywhere.
  • We have the capability of casting any shape, or dimension.
  • >We cast produce bridge weights up to several tons.
  • Bridge weights can have hooks inserted for attachment to cranes for handling.
  • In some cases counterbalancing can be done using standard type lead bricks.
  • All our cast lead can be coated using paints or powder coating for safe handling.

In may cases bridges require multiple weights to maintain proper balance of load. We readily supply these requirements. Proper counterweighting allows for an easier load on the motors that raise and lower the bridge spans.

Call our sales engineers to discuss your next bridge project. They are familiar with your applications and can advise how and when to line up your purchase.

Recent bridge counterweight jobs:

  • Gut River Bridge South Bristol Maine
  • Atlantic Bridge Atlantic Beach NY
  • Camino Real Bridge Boca Raton FL
  • High Rise Bridge Chesapeake VA
  • Isabella Holmes Bridge
  • Flagler Memorial Bridge West Palm Beach FL

Counterweights made for the Isabella Holmes Bridge

Brdige Counterweights
Bridge weights Epoxy painted



Bridge Counterweight mold
Molds used to produce the above custom lead counterweights.


Why Lead Counterweights in Bridge Constructions ?

Lead counterweights are used for bridges, to balance or counterbalance loads.

Lead’s high density allows for the most weight possible in the smallest area. Using lead weights will allow adjustment to the balance of a bridge structure, just be relocating where the weights are located.
lead is reasonably inexpensive so it is cost efficient to use.

Lead can be cast in any shape required for a particular projects.

Bridge types include; Basqule bridges, drawbridges and movable bridges.