Interlocking Lead Brick

Over Lapping Lead Brick for Radiation Applications

Interlocking lead bricks are used for radiation shielding and gamma ray shielding. They are used for medical imaging and x-ray protections, although many of those applications are addressed well with sheet lead. Being thicker and also easy to work with, interlocking bricks offer a greater level of shielding of radiation. Making them appropriate for higher energy application.                 

Known also as Chevron bricks, interlocking lead bricks have a “V” shape tongue and groove edging so they fit together and overlap, leaving no gaps. These bricks can be assembled quickly for radiation caves and broken down and used again.

We stock standard sizes from 1 inch to 2 inches thick (see details below). We can also produce custom sizes upon demand. In addition your interlocking lead brick can be painted or powder coated, for safer handling or cosmetic reasons.

interlocking-lead-brick-joined in corner

These bricks fit together for ease in assembly and more importantly for overlapping the value of the lead shielding.

Interlocking Brick In the Factory

Our standard interlocking brick sizes are in the table below, but custom sizes can be cast to virtually any dimension.

Standard Dimensions for Interlocking Brick

Thickness Length Width
1″ 12″ 4″
1½” 12″ 4″
2″ 12″ 4″
2½” 12″ 4″