Marine Ballast

Lead Marine Ballast for boats, ships, barges and more.

Barge Ballast

We can ship 1000's of LBS. of lead for Barge Ballast

Boat Ballast

Marine Ballast & Keels For Boats and Yachts

Tons of Ballast for Large Vessels

Pure Lead Products has become an expert in supplying ballast for marine applications. Ships cannot sit correctly in the water without the use of ballast (weights) in the keel or in the lower parts of the hull. This additional mass provides a righting moment to help keep the boat upright in the water.

Our Florida location is convenient for the dozens of boat manufacturers in Florida. Also individual boat, yacht owners also purchase lead from us to balance their crafts. This ballast can be from hundreds of pounds of lead brick, lead pigs, lead shot or lead ingots for individual boats and yachts.

We also ship lead ballast all over the country.

Barge Ballast

For some larger vessels like barges we have shipped 10’s of thousands of LBS.

Marine ballast can also be custom fabricated to fit and coated for safe handling. In addition to the below options.

Large Vessel Ballast


Oceangoing ships require a large amount of ballast. This ballast mat need to fit into several compartments, be safe to handle and precision made. The ballst must be able to be molded in such a way that it can be firmly secured, so as not to upset the balance of the ship or damage the ship by moving. We have the ability and the experience of suppling these large vessels with exactley what they require. See our post on a recent job.


Lead Ingots For Boat Ballast

Lead Ingots For Boat Ballast

Lead ingot, pig lead,Caulking Lead

Lead Pig suitable for large vessel ballast needs

Cast Lead Brick

Lead Brick For Marine Ballast


Lead Shot for Ballast

Lead Shot for Ballast

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Pure Lead Products is certainly convenient for the marine industry here in Florida, where we deliver lead ballast to boats & Yachts on a regular basis. We also have our own trucks, so we can ship your marine ballast almost anywhere for a reasonable price.