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Roofing Lead is an important area of our business. Pure Lead Products is one of the largest producers of Lead Flashings in the country. We are always improving our process and our products. Recently we have added additional capacity to our lead flashing line. We are able to produce high quality lead flashing to a greater capacity. Pure Lead Products supplies flashing to roofing supply stores and contractors throughout the Southeast. We are introducing our new capabilities to make 5” flashings with seamless pipes. We expanded our extrusion capabilities in 2023 to prepare for expanding our Chicago area roofing sales.

Lead roof boots, also known as lead pipe flashings or roof penetrations, are commonly used in roofing applications to seal around plumbing exhaust pipes and other roof penetrations. There are several reasons why lead roof boots are preferred over other materials for this specific purpose. See Below:

Crimped Lead Flashing

Crimped Style Roof Flashing
Crimped Lead Roof Flashing

for Detailed information on available adjustable crimp style roof flashing

Pitched Flashings

Fixed angle roof flashing
Fixed angle roof flashing

for Detailed information on available fixed angle style roof flashing

Lead Sheet

Sheet Lead For Roofing
Sheet Lead For Roofing

for Detailed information on sheet available for roofing

Why use lead roof boots, pipe flashing or roof penetrations ?

Lead is a highly durable and long-lasting material. It withstands exposure to various weather conditions, including rain, snow, hail, Extreme Cold and UV radiation.

Lead is a soft and malleable  allowing for a tight and custom fit, ensuring a watertight seal.

Lead vent boots include a collar, which fit under shingles and over lower shingles to prevent any water penetration. They can be used with virtually any roofing system

Lead flashing are also just plain attractive.

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