Pure Lead Products produces lead extrusions to your desired length, width and shape. Extrusions are produced by using hydraulic pressure to force our lead through a die. This produces an end product to your desired shape. With this process we can create lead extrusions from 1/8 inch to 4 inches diameter.

We make everything from custom extruded lead wire to heavy lead bars shaped to your exact specifications, and further fabricated if necessary.
Below are some examples of extruded products.

The custom lead weights below were fabricated from 1-1/2 inch extruded bar with a drilled center hole of 1/2 inch. Then the weights were cut to size & precise weight specifications.
This a great example of the versatility of our in-house capabilities.

Lead Window Weights
Lead Window Weights
extruded lead burner bars crated
Extruded burner bars
Coiled Lead Wire Extrusion
Extruded and Coiled Lead Wire
Extruded Lead Weights
Small Weights Cut from an extrusion




Special Extruded Weather Caps

Extrusions can be shipped by the truckload, LTL or in lesser quantities shipped via UPS.

  • Bars
  • Shapes
  • Rods
  • Wire
  • Custom Products (like the weights above)