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Lead Roof Flashings, Adjustable Pitch Flashings

We have been producing and supplying lead roof flashings for generations. Our flashing have been installed on thousands of homes and buildings across America. Of course we sell a lot flashing right here in Florida, where the sun can break down rubber type flashing in just a few years, but lead flashings can be used anywhere.

Pure Lead Products Lead Flashings

Pure Lead Product’s roof flashings are made of 99% pure lead. Made from precise coiled sheet lead.
Available in 2.5#, 3# & 4# lead.

Sheet ThicknessLead Weight./Square Foot

PLP manufactures crimped lead flashings which allows them to be adjusted to any roof pitch up to 5/12.
Quality is assured as each flashing is inspected by one of our trained quality assurance personnel prior to it being packaged for delivery.

Pure Lead Products also supplies all the 2.5#, 3# and 4# roofing sheet lead products commonly sold for flashing valleys and drains.
We stock 30” x 30” and 36” x 36”  along with other longer rolls. We make them flat or rolled.

Call today with any custom size, you just need to know the dimensions and the pitch and we will get you special pricing right away.

Crimp Style Roof Flashing

  • 99.9% pure lead
  • Standard sizes in stock
  • Custom made flashings up to 24” in diameter and 36” tall.
  • Custom fix pitched flashings to various degrees
  • Ship to anywhere in the U.S.
  • 2.5, 3, and 4 pound weights standard
  • Custom flashings are available.

Lead Flashings Standard Sizes in Stock Ready to ship and Custom Available

Standard Lead Flashings

Flashings Boxed and ready to ship

SizeInside Pipe
Per Box
Per Box
1½”2¼”8” x 10”10”1232 lbs
2”2¾”8” x 10”10”1238 lbs
3”3¾”9” x 10”10”624 lbs
4”4¾”10” x 10”10”628 lbs
5”5¾”14” x 14”10”322 lbs
6”6¾”15” x 15”10”324 lbs

18 x 18 Tile Roof Flashings

Pipe Diameter
Per Box
Per Box
1½”2¼”18” x 18”10”1284 lbs
2”2¾”18” x 18”10”968 lbs
3”3¾”18” x 18”10”648 lbs
4”4¾”18” x 18”10”651 lbs