Standard & Custom Rectangular Lead Bricks

Pure Lead Product’s lead bricks are stocked for many standard applications.
Our lead bricks are consistent 99% pure lead, cast in our plant and shipped to you directly.


  • Radiation Shielding for medical, dental, radiological, nuclear and pharmaceutical
  • Counterweights
  • Ballast
  • Custom Sizes Available

Regular rectangular lead bricks made of pure lead are used for radiation shielding. Lead brick are used in various industrial, medical and scientific facilities. Lead has a very high molecular density. The density makes them very effective at providing shielding protection from gamma rays, x-rays, and other forms of radiation. Lead bricks are used in construction of x-ray, and other types of radiation rooms. They form an effective and efficient barrier to radiation without dramatically adding thickness to walls, ceiling and floors.

The bricks are stackable and suitable for a temporary radiation cave.

Rectangular bricks are also suitable for weights, counterweights and ballast applications. They are used frequently for boat ballast in our Florida area and around the world.

Lead brick can be supplied with a variety of coatings. For examples bricks could be, painted, powder coated or with other suitable coatings applied. This makes handling the bricks safer and perhaps more attractive. We offer in-house powder coating and Painted Bricks.

Talk to our experts about your application and what type of lead brick suits your needs, as well as the best ways to install the bricks.

Rectangular Brick

Standard Rectangular Lead Brick sizes ( in stock)


Custom Lead Brick is easily produced and available for your applications, call us for more information or send a request for quote with your specification.

Cast Lead Brick - Rectangular
Cast Lead Brick – Rectangular
Powder Coated Lead Brick
Powder Coated Lead Brick
Black Painted Lead Brick
Painted & Drilled Lead Brick



We also manufacture interlocking lead brick

Interlocking Lead Brick Details

Interlocking Brick In the Factory
Interlocking Brick In the Factory


Interlocking brick stacks easily within a wall cavity.