Adding Lead to your Product

We offer lead pour and fill service for your product to be used as a weight or a counterweight.
Lead is the most efficient way to add significant weight to a vessel or or other hollow container. Of course, that container must be able to stand up to the high temperature of molten lead
Typically that would be a steel container, as below.

Lead Pour & Fill
Melting Lead into Customer Supplied Vessel
10,500 lead base assembly for a nuclear cask
10,500 lead base assembly for a nuclear cask

Products we typically see for lead pour and fill:

  • Forklift Counterweights
  • Elevator Weights
  • Dredge Equipment Weights
  • Special Castings
  • Nuclear Lead Cask Linings


Lead Filled Palletizer Counterweight
Pour and fill complete  for palletizer counterweight
Ship your container to us. We’ll fill with lead to your required specification and ship it back.

Call us for your pour and fill requirement.