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Large Vessel Ballast Project

Challenging marine ballast project for a large vessel

Recently Pure Lead Products won a quote to 4,000 epoxy coated ballast bricks for the USNS Invincible, a large ocean going vessel. The job for Pure Lead involved precision cast bricks, sealing them with the epoxy coating and then packaging and shipping. The challenge for the shipyard was moving, stacking and immobilizing the ballast in specifically prepared compartments.

The project was a success and the slide show shows some of the steps from the shipyards perspective.

  • USNS Invincible Lead Ballast Project

I just wanted to reach out to you all and say that we recently finished loading all of our lead ingots on board the USNS Invincible. We go back into the water in a few days and then back to sea after a quick stability test. We hit some rough stretch of road with the project but persevered nonetheless. Thank you so much for the great partnership during this project!


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